40 CFR § 256.24 - Recommendations for closing or upgrading open dumps.

§ 256.24 Recommendations for closing or upgrading open dumps.

(a) All sources of information available to the State should be used to aid in the classification of facilities. Records of previous inspections and monitoring, as well as new inspections and new monitoring, should be considered.

(b) The steps to close or upgrade open dumps established under § 256.23(c) should be coordinated with the facility needs assessment described in § 256.41.

(c) A determination should be made of the feasibility of resource recovery or resource conservation to reduce the solid waste volume entering a facility classified as an open dump; and feasible measures to achieve that reduction should be implemented.

(d) At the time of classification of existing solid waste disposal facilities pursuant to § 256.23, the State should consider developing appropriate timetables or schedules by which any responsible party can be brought into compliance with the open dumping prohibition pursuant to §§ 256.26 and 256.27.

[44 FR 45079, July 31, 1979, as amended at 46 FR 47051, Sept. 23, 1981]

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