40 CFR § 263.10 - Scope.

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§ 263.10 Scope.

(a) These regulations establish standards which apply to persons transporting hazardous waste within the United States if the transportation requires a manifest under 40 CFR part 262.


The regulations set forth in parts 262 and 263 establish the responsibilities of generators and transporters of hazardous waste in the handling, transportation, and management of that waste. In these regulations, EPA has expressly adopted certain regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) governing the transportation of hazardous materials. These regulations concern, among other things, labeling, marking, placarding, using proper containers, and reporting discharges. EPA has expressly adopted these regulations in order to satisfy its statutory obligation to promulgate regulations which are necessary to protect human health and the environment in the transportation of hazardous waste. EPA's adoption of these DOT regulations ensures consistency with the requirements of DOT and thus avoids the establishment of duplicative or conflicting requirements with respect to these matters. These EPA regulations which apply to both interstate and intrastate transportation of hazardous waste are enforceable by EPA.

DOT has revised its hazardous materials transportation regulations in order to encompass the transportation of hazardous waste and to regulate intrastate, as well as interstate, transportation of hazardous waste. Transporters of hazardous waste are cautioned that DOT's regulations are fully applicable to their activities and enforceable by DOT. These DOT regulations are codified in title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, subchapter C.

(b) These regulations do not apply to on-site transportation of hazardous waste by generators or by owners or operators of permitted hazardous waste management facilities.

(c) A transporter of hazardous waste must also comply with 40 CFR part 262, Standards Applicable to Generators of Hazardous Waste, if he:

(1) Transports hazardous waste into the United States from abroad; or

(2) Mixes hazardous wastes of different DOT shipping descriptions by placing them into a single container.

(d) A transporter of hazardous waste that is being imported from or exported to any other country for purposes of recovery or disposal is subject to this Subpart and to all other relevant requirements of subpart H of 40 CFR part 262, including, but not limited to, 40 CFR 262.83(d) and 262.84(d) for movement documents.

(e) The regulations in this part do not apply to transportation during an explosives or munitions emergency response, conducted in accordance with 40 CFR 264.1(g)(8)(i)(D) or (iv) or 265.1(c)(11)(i)(D) or (iv), and 270.1(c)(3)(i)(D) or (iii).

(f) Section 266.203 of this chapter identifies how the requirements of this part apply to military munitions classified as solid waste under 40 CFR 266.202.

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