40 CFR § 280.63 - Initial site characterization.

§ 280.63 Initial site characterization.

(a) Unless directed to do otherwise by the implementing agency, owners and operators must assemble information about the site and the nature of the release, including information gained while confirming the release or completing the initial abatement measures in §§ 280.60 and 280.61. This information must include, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

(1) Data on the nature and estimated quantity of release;

(2) Data from available sources and/or site investigations concerning the following factors: Surrounding populations, water quality, use and approximate locations of wells potentially affected by the release, subsurface soil conditions, locations of subsurface sewers, climatological conditions, and land use;

(3) Results of the site check required under § 280.62(a)(5); and

(4) Results of the free product investigations required under § 280.62(a)(6), to be used by owners and operators to determine whether free product must be recovered under § 280.64.

(b) Within 45 days of release confirmation or another reasonable period of time determined by the implementing agency, owners and operators must submit the information collected in compliance with paragraph (a) of this section to the implementing agency in a manner that demonstrates its applicability and technical adequacy, or in a format and according to the schedule required by the implementing agency.