40 CFR § 35.107 - Work plans.

§ 35.107 Work plans.

(a) Bases for negotiating work plans. The work plan is negotiated between the applicant and the Regional Administrator and reflects consideration of national, regional, and State environmental and programmatic needs and priorities.

(1) Negotiation considerations. In negotiating the work plan, the Regional Administrator and applicant will consider such factors as national program guidance; any regional supplemental guidance; goals, objectives, and priorities proposed by the applicant; other jointly identified needs or priorities; and the planning target.

(2) National program guidance. If an applicant proposes a work plan that differs significantly from the goals and objectives, priorities, or core performance measures in the national program guidance associated with the proposed activities, the Regional Administrator must consult with the appropriate National Program Manager before agreeing to the work plan.

(3) Use of existing guidance. An applicant should base the grant application on the national program guidance in place at the time the application is being prepared.

(b) Work plan requirements.

(1) The work plan is the basis for the management and evaluation of performance under the grant agreement.

(2) An approvable work plan must specify:

(i) The work plan components to be funded under the grant;

(ii) The estimated work years and the estimated funding amounts for each work plan component;

(iii) The work plan commitments for each work plan component and a time frame for their accomplishment;

(iv) A performance evaluation process and reporting schedule in accordance with § 35.115 of this subpart; and

(v) The roles and responsibilities of the recipient and EPA in carrying out the work plan commitments.

(3) The work plan must be consistent with applicable federal statutes; regulations; circulars; executive orders; and EPA delegations, approvals, or authorizations.

(c) Performance Partnership Agreement as work plan. An applicant may use a Performance Partnership Agreement or a portion of a Performance Partnership Agreement as the work plan for an environmental program grant if the portions of the Performance Partnership Agreement that serve as all or part of the grant work plan:

(1) Are clearly identified and distinguished from other portions of the Performance Partnership Agreement; and

(2) Meet the requirements in § 35.107(b).