40 CFR § 35.137 - Application requirements.

§ 35.137 Application requirements.

(a) An application for a Performance Partnership Grant must contain:

(1) A list of the environmental programs and the amount of funds from each program to be combined in the Performance Partnership Grant;

(2) A consolidated budget;

(3) A consolidated work plan that addresses each program being combined in the grant and that meets the requirements of § 35.107; and,

(4) A rationale, commensurate with the extent of any programmatic flexibility (i.e., increased effort in some programs and decreased effort in others) indicated in the work plan, that explains the basis for the applicant's priorities, the expected environmental or other benefits to be achieved, and the anticipated impact on any environmental programs or program areas proposed for reduced effort.

(b) The applicant and the Regional Administrator will negotiate regarding the information necessary to support the rationale for programmatic flexibility required in paragraph (a)(4) of this section. The rationale may be supported by information from a variety of sources, including a Performance Partnership Agreement or comparable negotiated document, the evaluation report required in § 35.125, and other environmental and programmatic data sources.

(c) A State agency seeking programmatic flexibility is encouraged to include a description of efforts to involve the public in developing the State agency's priorities.