40 CFR § 35.2104 - Funding and other considerations.

§ 35.2104 Funding and other considerations.

(a) The applicant shall;

(1) Agree to pay the non-Federal project costs;

(2) Demonstrate the legal, institutional, managerial, and financial capability to ensure adequate building and operation and maintenance of the treatment works throughout the applicant's jurisdiction including the ability to comply with part 30 of this subchapter. This demonstration must include: An explanation of the roles and responsibilities of the local governments involved; how construction and operation and maintenance of the facilities will be financed; a current estimate of the cost of the facilities; and a calculation of the annual costs per household. It must also include a written certification signed by the applicant that the applicant has analyzed the costs and financial impacts of the proposed facilities, and that it has the capability to finance and manage their building and operation and maintenance in accordance with this regulation;

(3) Certify that it has not violated any Federal, State or local law pertaining to fraud, bribery, graft, kickbacks, collusion, conflict of interest or other unlawful or corrupt practice relating to or in connection with facilities planning or design work on a wastewater treatment works project.

(4) Indicate the level of participation for minority and women's business enterprises during facilities planning and design of the project.

(b) Federal assistance made available by the Farmers Home Administration may be used to provide the non-Federal share of the project's cost.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2040-0027)
[49 FR 6234, Feb. 17, 1984, as amended at 55 FR 27097, June 29, 1990]