40 CFR § 35.3010 - Delegation agreement.

§ 35.3010 Delegation agreement.

(a) Before execution of the delegation agreement, the Regional Administrator must determine that the unit of the State agency designated to implement the agreement is capable of carrying out the delegated functions. The Regional Administrator will evaluate those aspects of the unit which directly affect the State's capability to implement the agreement.

(b) In the delegation agreement, the State agency will assure the Regional Administrator that it will execute its responsibilities under the delegation agreement in conformance with all applicable Federal laws, regulations, orders, and policies.

(c) The delegation agreement will:

(1) Designate the organizational unit within the State responsible for the implementation of the delegation agreement;

(2) List the functions delegated and functions to be delegated, with a schedule for their assumption by the State;

(3) Identify procedures to be followed and records to be kept by the State and EPA in carrying out each delegated function;

(4) Identify the staffing, hiring, training, and funding necessary to carry out the delegated functions;

(5) Estimate program costs by year for the term of the delegation agreement;

(6) Identify an accounting system, acceptable to the Regional Administrator, which will properly identify and relate State costs to the conduct of delegated functions; and

(7) Identify the form and content of the system for EPA overview of State performance consistent with the requirements in § 35.3025 of this subpart, including the frequency, method, and extent of monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

(d) The term of the delegation agreement shall generally be five years. As subsequent construction management assistance is awarded, the delegation agreement may be amended to maintain a five-year period.

(e) The delegation agreement will be revised, as necessary, to reflect substantial program or procedural changes, as determined by the Regional Administrator.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2000-0417)