40 CFR § 35.3585 - Compliance assurance procedures.

§ 35.3585 Compliance assurance procedures.

(a) Causes. The RA may take action under this section and the remedies of noncompliance of 2 CFR 200.338 through 200.342, if a determination is made that a State has not complied with its capitalization grant agreement, other requirements under section 1452 of the Act, this subpart, 2 CFR parts 200 and 1500, or has not managed the DWSRF program in a financially sound manner (e.g., allows consistent and substantial failures of loan repayments).

(b) RA's course of action. For cause under paragraph (a) of this section, the RA will issue a notice of non-compliance and may prescribe appropriate corrective action. A State's corrective action must remedy the specific instance of non-compliance and adjust program management to avoid non-compliance in the future.

(c) Consequences for failure to comply.

(1) If within 60 days of receipt of the non-compliance notice a State fails to take the necessary actions to obtain the results required by the RA or fails to provide an acceptable plan to achieve the results required, the RA may suspend payments until the State has taken acceptable actions. Once a State has taken the corrective action deemed necessary and adequate by the RA, the suspended payments will be released and scheduled payments will recommence.

(2) If a State fails to take the necessary corrective action deemed adequate by the RA within 12 months of receipt of the original notice, any suspended payments will be deobligated and reallotted to eligible States. Once a payment has been made for the Fund, that payment and cash draws from that payment will not be subject to withholding. All future payments will be withheld from a State and reallotted until such time that adequate corrective action is taken and the RA determines that the State is back in compliance.

(d) Dispute resolution. A State or an assistance recipient that has been adversely affected by an action or omission by EPA may request a review of the action or omission under 2 CFR part 1500, subpart E.

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