40 CFR § 35.410 - Purpose.

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§ 35.410 Purpose.

(a)Purpose of section.Sections 35.410 through 35.418 govern Water Quality Management Planning Grants to States (as defined in section 502 of the Clean Water Act) authorized under section 205(j)(2) of the Act.

(b)Purpose of program.EPA awards Water Quality Management Planning Grants to carry out water quality management planning activities. Some of these activities may also be eligible for funding under sections 106 (Water Pollution Control), 104(b)(3) (Water Quality Cooperative Agreements and Wetlands Development Grants) and section 205(g) (State Administration Grants) of the Clean Water Act. (See §§ 35.160, 35.360, 35.380, and 35.400.) EPA awards these grants for purposes such as:

(1) Identification of the most cost-effective and locally acceptable facility and nonpoint measures to meet and maintain water quality standards.

(2) Development of an implementation plan to obtain State and local financial and regulatory commitments to implement measures developed under paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

(3) Determination of the nature, extent, and causes of water quality problems in various areas of the State and interstate region.

(4) Determination of those publicly owned treatment works which should be constructed with State Revolving Fund assistance. This determination should take into account the relative degree of effluent reduction attained, the relative contributions to water quality of other point or nonpoint sources, and the consideration of alternatives to such construction.

(5) Implementation of section 303(e) of the Clean Water Act.

(c) Program requirements for water quality management planning activities are provided in 40 CFR part 130.