40 CFR § 35.9010 - Definitions.

§ 35.9010 Definitions.

Aggregate costs. The total cost of all research, surveys, studies, modeling, and other technical work completed by a Management Conference during a fiscal year to develop a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the estuary.

Annual work plan. The plan, developed by the Management Conference each year, which documents projects to be undertaken during the upcoming year. The Annual Work Plan is developed within budgetary targets provided by EPA.

Five-Year State/EPA Conference Agreement. Agreement negotiated among the States represented in a Management Conference and the EPA shortly after the Management Conference is convened. The agreement identifies milestones to be achieved during the term of the Management Conference.

Management Conference. A Management Conference convened by the Administrator under Section 320 of the CWA for an estuary in the NEP.

National Program Assistance Agreements. Assistance Agreements approved by the EPA Assistant Administrator for Water for work undertaken to accomplish broad NEP goals and objectives.

Work Program. The Scope of Work of an assistance application, which identifies how and when the applicant will use funds to produce specific outputs.