40 CFR § 52.12 - Source surveillance.

§ 52.12 Source surveillance.

(a) Each subpart identifies the plan provisions for source surveillance which are disapproved, and sets forth the Administrator's promulgation of necessary provisions for requiring sources to maintain records, make reports, and submit information.

(b) No provisions are promulgated for any disapproved State or local agency procedures for testing, inspection, investigation, or detection, but detailed critiques of such portions are provided to the State.

(c) For purposes of Federal enforcement, the following test procedures and methods shall be used, provided that for the purpose of establishing whether or not a person has violated or is in violation of any provision of the plan, nothing in this part shall preclude the use, including the exclusive use, of any credible evidence or information, relevant to whether a source would have been in compliance with applicable requirements if the appropriate performance or compliance test procedures or methods had been performed:

(1) Sources subject to plan provisions which do not specify a test procedure and sources subject to provisions promulgated by the Administrator will be tested by means of the appropriate procedures and methods prescribed in part 60 of this chapter unless otherwise specified in this part.

(2) Sources subject to approved provisions of a plan wherein a test procedure is specified will be tested by the specified procedure.

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