40 CFR § 52.11 - Prevention of air pollution emergency episodes.

§ 52.11 Prevention of air pollution emergency episodes.

(a) Each subpart identifies portions of the air pollution emergency episode contingency plan which are disapproved, and sets forth the Administrator's promulgation of substitute provisions.

(b) No provisions are promulgated to replace any disapproved air quality monitoring or communications portions of a contingency plan, but detailed critiques of such portions are provided to the State.

(c) Where a State plan does not provide for public announcement regarding air pollution emergency episodes or where the State fails to give any such public announcement, the Administrator will issue a public announcement that an episode stage has been reached. When making such an announcement, the Administrator will be guided by the suggested episode criteria and emission control actions suggested in Appendix L of part 51 of this chapter or those in the approved plan.

[37 FR 10846, May 31, 1972, as amended at 37 FR 19807, Sept. 22, 1972]