40 CFR § 59.662 - What temporary provisions address hardship due to unusual circumstances?

§ 59.662 What temporary provisions address hardship due to unusual circumstances?

(a) After considering the circumstances, we may exempt you from the evaporative emission standards and requirements of § 59.611 of this subpart and the prohibitions and requirements of § 59.602 for specified portable fuel containers that do not comply with emission standards if all the following conditions apply:

(1) Unusual circumstances that are clearly outside your control and that could not have been avoided with reasonable discretion prevent you from meeting requirements from this subpart.

(2) You exercised prudent planning and were not able to avoid the violation; you have taken all reasonable steps to minimize the extent of the nonconformity.

(3) Not having the exemption will jeopardize the solvency of your company.

(4) No other allowances are available under the regulations in this chapter to avoid the impending violation, including the provisions of § 59.663.

(b) To apply for an exemption, you must send the Designated Compliance Officer a written request as soon as possible before you are in violation. In your request, show that you meet all the conditions and requirements in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Include in your request a plan showing how you will meet all the applicable requirements as quickly as possible.

(d) You must give us other relevant information if we ask for it.

(e) We may include reasonable additional conditions on an approval granted under this section, including provisions to recover or otherwise address the lost environmental benefit or paying fees to offset any economic gain resulting from the exemption.

(f) We may approve renewable extensions of up to one year. We may review and revise an extension as reasonable under the circumstances.

(g) Add a legible label, written in English, to a readily visible part of each container exempted under this section. This label must prominently include at least the following items:

(1) Your corporate name and trademark.

(2) The statement “EXEMPT UNDER 40 CFR 59.662.”.