40 CFR § 60.31b - Definitions.

§ 60.31b Definitions.

Terms used but not defined in this subpart have the meaning given them in the Clean Air Act and subparts A, B, and Eb of this part.

EPA means the Administrator of the U.S. EPA or employee of the U.S. EPA who is delegated to perform the specified task.

Municipal waste combustor plant means one or more designated facilities (as defined in § 60.32b) at the same location.

Semi-suspension refuse-derived fuel-fired combustor/wet refuse-derived fuel process conversion means a combustion unit that was converted from a wet refuse-derived fuel process to a dry refuse-derived fuel process, and because of constraints in the design of the system, includes a low furnace height (less than 60 feet between the grate and the roof) and a high waste capacity-to-undergrate air zone ratio (greater than 300 tons of waste per day (tpd) fuel per each undergrate air zone).

Spreader stoker fixed floor refuse-derived fuel-fired combustor/100 percent coal capable means a spreader stoker type combustor with a fixed floor grate design that typically fires 100 percent refuse-derived fuel but is equipped to burn 100 percent coal instead of refuse-derived fuel to fulfill 100 percent steam or energy demand.

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