40 CFR § 60.488 - Reconstruction.

§ 60.488 Reconstruction.

For the purposes of this subpart:

(a) The cost of the following frequently replaced components of the facility shall not be considered in calculating either the “fixed capital cost of the new components” or the “fixed capital costs that would be required to construct a comparable new facility” under § 60.15: pump seals, nuts and bolts, rupture disks, and packings.

(b) Under § 60.15, the “fixed capital cost of new components” includes the fixed capital cost of all depreciable components (except components specified in § 60.488 (a)) which are or will be replaced pursuant to all continuous programs of component replacement which are commenced within any 2-year period following the applicability date for the appropriate subpart. (See the “Applicability and designation of affected facility” section of the appropriate subpart.) For purposes of this paragraph, “commenced” means that an owner or operator has undertaken a continuous program of component replacement or that an owner or operator has entered into a contractual obligation to undertake and complete, within a reasonable time, a continuous program of component replacement.

[49 FR 22608, May 30, 1984]