40 CFR § 60.702 - Standards.

§ 60.702 Standards.

Each owner or operator of any affected facility shall comply with paragraph (a), (b), or (c) of this section for each vent stream on and after the date on which the initial performance test required by §§ 60.8 and 60.704 is completed, but not later than 60 days after achieving the maximum production rate at which the affected facility will be operated, or 180 days after the initial start-up, whichever date comes first. Each owner or operator shall either:

(a) Reduce emissions of TOC (less methane and ethane) by 98 weight-percent, or to a TOC (less methane and ethane) concentration of 20 ppmv, on a dry basis corrected to 3 percent oxygen, whichever is less stringent. If a boiler or process heater is used to comply with this paragraph, then the vent stream shall be introduced into the flame zone of the boiler or process heater; or

(b) Combust the emissions in a flare that meets the requirements of § 60.18; or

(c) Maintain a TRE index value greater than 1.0 without use of a VOC emission control device.