40 CFR § 61.11 - Waiver of compliance.

§ 61.11 Waiver of compliance.

(a) Based on the information provided in any request under § 61.10, or other information, the Administrator may grant a waiver of compliance with a standard for a period not exceeding 2 years after the effective date of the standard.

(b) The waiver will be in writing and will -

(1) Identify the stationary source covered;

(2) Specify the termination date of the waiver;

(3) Specify dates by which steps toward compliance are to be taken; and

(4) Specify any additional conditions which the Administrator determines necessary to assure installation of the necessary controls within the waiver period and to assure protection of the health of persons during the waiver period.

(c) The Administrator may terminate the waiver at an earlier date than specified if any specification under paragraphs (b)(3) and (b)(4) of this section are not met.

(d) Before denying any request for a waiver, the Administrator will notify the owner or operator making the request of the Administrator's intention to issue the denial, together with -

(1) Notice of the information and findings on which the intended denial is based; and

(2) Notice of opportunity for the owner or operator to present, within the time limit the Administrator specifies, additional information or arguments to the Administrator before final action on the request.

(e) A final determination to deny any request for a waiver will be in writing and will set forth the specific grounds on which the denial is based. The final determination will be made within 60 days after presentation of additional information or argument; or within 60 days after the final date specified for the presentation if no presentation is made.

(f) The granting of a waiver under this section shall not abrogate the Administrator's authority under section 114 of the Act.

[50 FR 46292, Nov. 7, 1985]

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