40 CFR § 61.12 - Compliance with standards and maintenance requirements.

§ 61.12 Compliance with standards and maintenance requirements.

(a) Compliance with numerical emission limits shall be determined in accordance with emission tests established in § 61.13 or as otherwise specified in an individual subpart.

(b) Compliance with design, equipment, work practice or operational standards shall be determined as specified in an individual subpart.

(c) The owner or operator of each stationary source shall maintain and operate the source, including associated equipment for air pollution control, in a manner consistent with good air pollution control practice for minimizing emissions. Determination of whether acceptable operating and maintenance procedures are being used will be based on information available to the Administrator which may include, but is not limited to, monitoring results, review of operating and maintenance procedures, and inspection of the source.


(1) If, in the Administrator's judgment, an alternative means of emission limitation will achieve a reduction in emissions of a pollutant from a source at least equivalent to the reduction in emissions of that pollutant from that source achieved under any design, equipment, work practice or operational standard, the Administrator will publish in the Federal Register a notice permitting the use of the alternative means for purposes of compliance with the standard. The notice will restrict the permission to the source(s) or category(ies) of sources on which the alternative means will achieve equivalent emission reductions. The notice may condition permission on requirements related to the operation and maintenance of the alternative means.

(2) Any notice under paragraph (d)(1) shall be published only after notice and an opportunity for a hearing.

(3) Any person seeking permission under this subsection shall, unless otherwise specified in the applicable subpart, submit a proposed test plan or the results of testing and monitoring, a description of the procedures followed in testing or monitoring, and a description of pertinent conditions during testing or monitoring.

(e) For the purpose of submitting compliance certifications or establishing whether or not a person has violated or is in violation of any standard in this part, nothing in this part shall preclude the use, including the exclusive use, of any credible evidence or information, relevant to whether a source would have been in compliance with applicable requirements if the appropriate performance or compliance test had been performed.

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