40 CFR § 63.2992 - How do I conduct a performance test?

§ 63.2992 How do I conduct a performance test?

(a) You must verify the performance of monitoring equipment as specified in § 63.2994 before performing the test.

(b) You must conduct the performance test according to the requirements in § 63.7(a) through (d), (e)(2) through (4), and (f) through (h).

(c) You must conduct the performance test under the conditions specified in paragraphs (c)(1) and (2) of this section.

(1) The resin must have the highest specified free-formaldehyde content that will be used.

(2) You must operate at the maximum feasible urea-formaldehyde resin solids application rate (pounds urea-formaldehyde resin solids applied per hour) that will be used.

(d) During the performance test, you must monitor and record the operating parameters that you will use to demonstrate continuous compliance after the test. These parameters are listed in Table 1 to this subpart.

(e) You must conduct performance tests under conditions that are representative of the performance of the affected source. Representative conditions exclude periods of startup and shutdown. You may not conduct performance tests during periods of malfunction. You must record the process information that is necessary to document operating conditions during the test and record an explanation to support that such conditions represent normal operation. Upon request, you must make available to the Administrator such records as may be necessary to determine the conditions of performance tests.

(f) You must conduct three separate test runs for each performance test as specified in § 63.7(e)(3), and each test run must last at least 1 hour.

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