40 CFR § 725.27 - Submissions.

§ 725.27 Submissions.

Each person who is required to submit information under this part must submit the information in the form and manner set forth in the appropriate subpart.

(a) Requirements specific to MCANs are described in §§ 725.150 through 725.160.

(b) Requirements specific to TERAs are described in §§ 725.250 through 725.260.

(c) Requirements specific to test marketing exemptions (TMEs) are described in §§ 725.350 and 725.355.

(d) Requirements specific to Tier I and Tier II exemptions for certain general commercial uses are described in §§ 725.424 through 725.470.

(e) Additional requirements specific to significant new uses for microorganisms are described at § 725.950.