40 CFR § 75.62 - Monitoring plan submittals.

§ 75.62 Monitoring plan submittals.

(a) Submission—(1) Electronic. Using the format specified in paragraph (c) of this section, the designated representative for an affected unit shall submit a complete, electronic, up-to-date monitoring plan file (except for hardcopy portions identified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section) to the Administrator as follows: no later than 21 days prior to the initial certification tests; at the time of each certification or recertification application submission; and (prior to or concurrent with) the submittal of the electronic quarterly report for a reporting quarter where an update of the electronic monitoring plan information is required, either under § 75.53(b) or elsewhere in this part.

(2) Hardcopy. The designated representative shall submit all of the hardcopy information required under § 75.53 to the appropriate EPA Regional Office and the appropriate State and/or local air pollution control agency prior to initial certification. Thereafter, the designated representative shall submit hardcopy information only if that portion of the monitoring plan is revised. The designated representative shall submit the required hardcopy information as follows: no later than 21 days prior to the initial certification test; with any certification or recertification application, if a hardcopy monitoring plan change is associated with the certification or recertification event; and within 30 days of any other event with which a hardcopy monitoring plan change is associated, pursuant to § 75.53(b). Electronic submittal of all monitoring plan information, including hardcopy portions, is permissible provided that a paper copy of the hardcopy portions can be furnished upon request.

(b) Contents. Monitoring plans shall contain the information specified in § 75.53 of this part.

(c) Format. The designated representative shall submit each monitoring plan in a format specified by the Administrator.

(d) On and after April 27, 2011, consistent with § 72.21 of this chapter, a hardcopy cover letter signed by the Designated Representative (DR) shall accompany each hardcopy monitoring plan submittal. The cover letter shall include the certification statement described in § 72.21(b) of this chapter, and shall be submitted to the applicable EPA Regional Office and to the appropriate State or local air pollution control agency. For electronic monitoring plan submittals to the Administrator, a cover letter is not required. However, at his or her discretion, the DR may include important explanatory text or comments with an electronic monitoring plan submittal, so long as the information is provided in an electronic format that is compatible with the other data required to be reported under this section.

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