40 CFR § 761.35 - Storage for reuse.

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§ 761.35 Storage for reuse.

(a) The owner or operator of a PCB Article may store it for reuse in an area which is not designed, constructed, and operated in compliance with § 761.65(b), for no more than 5 years after the date the Article was originally removed from use (e.g., disconnected electrical equipment) or 5 years after August 28, 1998, whichever is later, if the owner or operator complies with the following conditions:

(1) Follows all use requirements at § 761.30 and marking requirements at subpart C of this part that are applicable to the PCB Article.

(2) Maintains records starting at the time the PCB Article is removed from use or August 28, 1998. The records must indicate:

(i) The date the PCB Article was removed from use or August 28, 1998, if the removal date is not known.

(ii) The projected location and the future use of the PCB Article.

(iii) If applicable, the date the PCB Article is scheduled for repair or servicing.

(b) The owner or operator of a PCB Article may store it for reuse in an area that does not comply with § 761.65(b) for a period longer than 5 years, provided that the owner or operator has received written approval from the EPA Regional Administrator for the Region in which the PCB Article is stored. An owner or operator of a PCB Article seeking approval to extend the 5–year period must submit a request for extension to the EPA Regional Administrator at least 6 months before the 5-year storage for reuse period expires and must include an item-by-item justification for the desired extension. The EPA Regional Administrator may include any conditions to such approval deemed necessary to protect health or the environment. The owner or operator of the PCB Article being stored for reuse must comply with the other applicable provisions of this part, including the record retention requirements at § 761.180(a).

(c) Any person may store a PCB Article for reuse indefinitely in:

(1) A unit in compliance with § 761.65(b).

(2) A unit permitted under section 3004 of RCRA to manage hazardous wastes in containers.

(3) A unit permitted by a State authorized under section 3006 of RCRA to manage hazardous waste.

[63 FR 35443, June 29, 1998]