40 CFR 82.150 - Purpose and scope.

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§ 82.150 Purpose and scope.

(a) The purpose of this subpart is to reduce emissions of class I and class II refrigerants and their non-exempt substitutes to the lowest achievable level by maximizing the recapture and recycling of such refrigerants during the maintenance, service, repair, and disposal of appliances and restricting the sale of refrigerants consisting in whole or in part of a class I or class II ozone-depleting substance or their non-exempt substitutes in accordance with Title VI of the Clean Air Act.

(b) This subpart applies to any person maintaining, servicing, or repairing appliances containing class I, class II or non-exempt substitute refrigerants. This subpart also applies to persons disposing of such appliances (including small appliances and motor vehicle air conditioners), refrigerant reclaimers, technician certifying programs, appliance owners and operators, manufacturers of appliances, manufacturers of recovery and/or recycling equipment, approved recovery and/or recycling equipment testing organizations, and persons buying, selling, or offering to sell class I, class II, or non-exempt substitute refrigerants.

[ 81 FR 82349, Nov. 11, 2016}