40 CFR § 86.152-98 - Vehicle preparation; refueling test.

§ 86.152-98 Vehicle preparation; refueling test.

(a) Provide additional fittings and adapters, as required, to accommodate a fuel drain at the lowest point possible in the tank(s) as installed on the vehicle. The canister shall not be removed from the vehicle, unless access to the canister in its normal location is so restricted that purging and loading can only reasonably be accomplished by removing the canister from the vehicle. Special care shall be taken during this step to avoid damage to the components and the integrity of the fuel system. A replacement canister may be temporarily installed during the soak period while the canister from the test vehicle is preconditioned.

(b) Optionally, provide valving or other means to allow the venting of the refueling vapor line to the atmosphere rather than to the refueling emissions canister(s) when allowed by this test procedure.

(c) For preconditioning that involves loading the vapor collection canister(s) with butane, provide valving or other means as necessary to allow loading of the canister(s).

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