40 CFR § 86.1831-01 - Mileage accumulation requirements for test vehicles.

§ 86.1831-01 Mileage accumulation requirements for test vehicles.

(a) Durability Data Vehicles.

(1) The manufacturer must accumulate mileage on DDV's using the procedures in § 86.1823.

(2) All tests required by this subpart on durability data vehicles shall be conducted within 250 miles of each of the nominal test point mileage. This ±250 mile test point mileage tolerance may be modified with the advance approval of the Administrator if the basis for the written request is to prevent an interruption of durability mileage accumulation due to test scheduling conflicts for weekends, holidays, or other similar circumstances.

(b) Emission data vehicles and running change vehicles.

(1) The standard method of mileage accumulation for emission data vehicles and running change vehicles is mileage accumulation using either the Standard Road Cycle specified in appendix V to this part or the Durability Driving Schedule specified in appendix IV to this part.

(2) The manufacturer may use an alternative mileage accumulation method providing the form and extent of the service accumulation represents normal driving patterns for that vehicle, the method is consistent with good engineering judgment, and the method is described in the application for certification.

(3) Except with the advance approval of the Administrator, all vehicles will accumulate mileage at a measured curb weight which is within 100 pounds of the estimated curb weight. If the loaded vehicle weight is within 100 pounds of being included in the next higher inertia weight class as specified in § 86.129, the manufacturer may elect to conduct the respective emission tests at higher loaded vehicle weight.

(c) The manufacturer shall determine the mileage at which the emission control system and engine combination is stabilized for emission-data testing. The manufacturer shall provide to the Administrator if requested, a record of the analysis used in making this determination. The manufacturer may elect to accumulate 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers) or more on each test vehicle without making a determination. The manufacturer must accumulate a minimum of 1,000 miles (1,608 kilometers) on each emission data vehicle.

(d) All test vehicle mileage must be accurately determined, recorded, and reported to the Administrator upon request.

[64 FR 23925, May 4, 1999, as amended at 71 FR 2836, Jan. 17, 2006]