40 CFR § 86.426-78 - Service accumulation.

§ 86.426-78 Service accumulation.

(a) The procedure for service accumulation will be the Durability Driving Schedule as specified in appendix IV to this part. A modified procedure may also be used if approved in advance by the Administrator. Except with the advance approval of the Administrator, all vehicles will accumulate distance at a measured curb mass which is within 5 kg (11.0 lb) of the loaded vehicle mass specified by the Administrator.

(b) During service accumulation, vehicles shall not be operated for more than 12 hours during an operating sequence. Engine shutdowns are permitted during the operating sequence, but the periods of shutdown are not included in the 12 hour total. Following each operating sequence, the vehicle shall soak, without operation, for a minimum of 8 hours. During soak periods, the vehicle shall be exposed to normal outside ambient temperatures and humidity conditions unless vehicle maintenance or servicing is being performed.

(c) The manufacturer's recommended shifting procedure will be used for laps 1 through 10. Lap 11 shifts (W.O.T. accelerations) must be conducted at the manufacturer's recommended maximum safe engine speed.

[42 FR 1126, Jan. 5, 1977, as amended at 42 FR 56737, Oct. 28, 1977]