40 CFR § 86.605-88 - Maintenance of records; submittal of information.

§ 86.605-88 Maintenance of records; submittal of information.

(a) The manufacturer of any new motor vehicle subject to any of the standards or procedures prescribed in this part shall establish, maintain and retain the following adequately organized and indexed records:

(1) General records.

(i) A description of all equipment used to test vehicles in accordance with § 86.608 pursuant to a test order issued under this subpart, including the following information:

(A) Dynamometer.

(1) Inertia loading.

(2) Road load power absorption at 50 m.p.h.

(3) Manufacturer, model and serial number.

(B) Constant volume sampler.

(1) Pressure of the mixture of exhaust and dilution air entering the positive displacement pump, pressure increase across the pump, and the temperature set point of the temperature control system.

(2) Number of revolutions of the positive displacement pump accumulated while test is in progress and exhaust samples are being collected.

(3) Humidity of dilution air.

(4) Manufacturer, model, type and serial number.

(C) Instrumentation.

(1) Manufacturer, model and serial number for each analyzer.

(2) Pertinent information such as tuning, gain, ranges and calibration data.

(3) Identification of zero, span, exhaust gas and dilution air sample traces.

(4) Temperature set point of heated sample line and heated hydrocarbon detector temperature control system (for diesel vehicles only).

(D) Test cell.

(1) Barometric pressure, ambient temperature and humidity.

(2) Data and time of day.

(ii) In lieu of recording test equipment information, reference to a vehicle test cell number may be used, with the advance approval of the Administrator: Provided, the test cell records show the pertinent information.

(2) Individual records. These records pertain to each audit conducted pursuant to this subpart.

(i) The location where audit testing was performed, and the date and time for each emissions test.

(ii) The number of miles on the test vehicle when the test began and ended.

(iii) The names of supervisory personnel responsible for the conduct of the audit.

(iv) A record and description of any repairs performed prior to and/or subsequent to approval by the Administrator, giving the date and time of the repair, the reason for it, the person authorizing it, and the names of supervisory personnel responsible for the repair.

(v) The dates when the test vehicles were shipped from the assembly plant or the storage facility and when they were received at the testing facility.

(vi) The drive wheel tire pressure and the inertia weight class for each test vehicle, and the actual curb weight for each test vehicle required to be weighed pursuant to a test order.

(vii) A complete record of all emission tests performed pursuant to this subpart (except tests performed by EPA directly) including all individual worksheets and/or other documentation relating to each test, or exact copies thereof.

(viii) A brief description of all significant audit events, commencing with the test vehicle selection process, but not described by any other subparagraph under paragraph (a)(2) of this section, including such extraordinary events as vehicle accident.

(ix) A paper copy of the driver's trace for each test.

(3) Additional required records for diesel vehicles.

(4) The manufacturer shall record test equipment description, pursuant to paragraph (a)(1) of this section, for each test cell that is used to perform emission testing under this subpart.

(b) All records required to be maintained under this subpart shall be retained by the manufacturer for a period of one (1) year after completion of all testing in response to a test order. Records may be retained as hard copy or reduced to microfilm, punch cards, etc., depending upon the record retention procedures of the manufacturer: Provided, That in every case all the information contained in the hard copy shall be retained.

(c) The manufacturer shall, pursuant to a request made by the Administrator, submit to the Administrator the following information with regard to vehicle production:

(1) Number of vehicles, by configuration and assembly plant, scheduled for production for the time period designated in the request.

(2) Number of vehicles, by configuration and assembly plant, produced during the time period designated in the request which are complete for introduction into commerce.

(d) Nothing in this section shall limit the Administrator's discretion to require the manufacturer to retain additional records or submit information not specifically required by this section.

(e) All reports, submissions, notifications and requests for approvals made under this subpart shall be addressed to:

Director, Manufacturers Operations Division EN-340), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460.
[41 FR 31483, July 28, 1976, as amended at 44 FR 61962, Oct. 29, 1979; 49 FR 48481, Dec. 12, 1984. Redesignated at 54 FR 2123, Jan. 19, 1989]