40 CFR § 97.285 - CAIR opt-in permit contents.

§ 97.285 CAIR opt-in permit contents.

(a) Each CAIR opt-in permit will contain:

(1) All elements required for a complete CAIR permit application under § 97.222;

(2) The certification in § 97.283(a)(2);

(3) The unit's baseline heat input under § 97.284(c);

(4) The unit's baseline SO2 emission rate under § 97.284(d);

(5) A statement whether the unit is to be allocated CAIR SO2 allowances under § 97.288(b) or § 97.288(c) (subject to the conditions in §§ 97.284(h) and 97.286(g));

(6) A statement that the unit may withdraw from the CAIR SO2 Trading Program only in accordance with § 97.286; and

(7) A statement that the unit is subject to, and the owners and operators of the unit must comply with, the requirements of § 97.287.

(b) Each CAIR opt-in permit is deemed to incorporate automatically the definitions of terms under § 97.202 and, upon recordation by the Administrator under subpart FFF or GGG of this part or this subpart, every allocation, transfer, or deduction of CAIR SO2 allowances to or from the compliance account of the source that includes a CAIR SO2 opt-in unit covered by the CAIR opt-in permit.

(c) The CAIR opt-in permit shall be included, in a format specified by the permitting authority, in the CAIR permit for the source where the CAIR SO2 opt-in unit is located and in a title V operating permit or other federally enforceable permit for the source.