40 CFR § 97.426 - Banking.

§ 97.426 Banking.

(a) A CSAPR NOX Annual allowance may be banked for future use or transfer in a compliance account or a general account in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Any CSAPR NOX Annual allowance that is held in a compliance account or a general account will remain in such account unless and until the CSAPR NOX Annual allowance is deducted or transferred under § 97.411(c), § 97.423, § 97.424, § 97.425, § 97.427, or § 97.428 or paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) At any time after the allowance transfer deadline for the last control period for which a State NOX Annual trading budget is established under § 97.410(a) for a given State, the Administrator may record a transfer of any CSAPR NOX Annual allowances held in the compliance account for a source in such State (and Indian country within the borders of such State) to a general account identified or established by the Administrator with the source's designated representative as the authorized account representative and with the owners and operators of the source (as indicated on the certificate of representation for the source) as the persons represented by the authorized account representative. The Administrator will notify the designated representative not less than 15 days before making such a transfer.

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