40 CFR § 98.434 - Monitoring and QA/QC requirements.

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§ 98.434 Monitoring and QA/QC requirements.

(a) For calendar year 2011 monitoring, you may follow the provisions of § 98.3(d)(1) through (d)(2) for best available monitoring methods rather than follow the monitoring requirements of this section. For purposes of this subpart, any reference in § 98.3(d)(1) through (d)(2) to the year 2010 means 2011, to March 31 means June 30, and to April 1 means July 1. Any reference to the effective date or date of promulgation in § 98.3(d)(1) through (d)(2) means February 28, 2011.

(b) The inputs to the annual submission must be reviewed against the import or export transaction records to ensure that the information submitted to EPA is being accurately transcribed as the correct chemical or blend in the correct pre-charged equipment or closed-cell foam in the correct quantities and units.

[74 FR 56374, Oct. 30, 2009, as amended at 78 FR 71978, Nov. 29, 2013]

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