40 CFR § 98.5 - How is the report submitted?

§ 98.5 How is the report submitted?

(a) Each GHG report and certificate of representation for a facility or supplier must be submitted electronically in accordance with the requirements of § 98.4 and in a format specified by the Administrator.

(b) For reporting year 2014 and thereafter, unless a later year is specified in the applicable recordkeeping section, you must enter into verification software specified by the Administrator the data specified in the verification software records provision in each applicable recordkeeping section. For each data element entered into the verification software, if the software produces a warning message for the data value and you elect not to revise the data value, you may provide an explanation in the verification software of why the data value is not being revised.

[79 FR 63780, Oct. 24, 2014, as amended at 79 FR 73778, Dec. 11, 2014]