40 CFR Appendix A to Subpart AA of Part 63 - Applicability of General Provisions (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart A) to Subpart AA

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Appendix A to Subpart AA of Part 63 - Applicability of General Provisions (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart A) to Subpart AA
40 CFR citation Requirement Applies to subpart AA Comment
§ 63.1(a)(1) through (4) General Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.1(a)(5) No [Reserved].
§ 63.1(a)(6) Contact information Yes None.
§ 63.1(a)(7)-(9) No [Reserved].
§ 63.1(a)(10) through (12) Time periods Yes None.
§ 63.1(b) Initial Applicability Determination Yes None.
§ 63.1(c)(1) Applicability After Standard Established Yes None.
§ 63.1(c)(2) Permits Yes Some plants may be area sources.
§ 63.1(c)(3)-(4) No [Reserved].
§ 63.1(c)(5) Area to Major source change Yes None.
§ 63.1(c)(6) Yes None.
§ 63.1(d) No [Reserved].
§ 63.1(e) Applicability of Permit Program Yes None.
§ 63.2 Definitions Yes Additional definitions in § 63.601.
§ 63.3 Units and Abbreviations Yes None.
§ 63.4(a)(1) and (2) Prohibited Activities Yes None.
§ 63.4(a)(3) through (5) No [Reserved].
§ 63.4(b) and (c) Circumvention/Fragmentation Yes None.
§ 63.5(a) Construction/Reconstruction Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.5(b)(1) Existing, New, Reconstructed Sources Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.5(b)(2) No [Reserved].
§ 63.5(b)(3), (4), and (6) Construction/Reconstruction approval and notification Yes None.
§ 63.5(b)(5) No [Reserved].
§ 63.5(c) No [Reserved].
§ 63.5(d) Application for Approval of Construction/Reconstruction Yes None.
§ 63.5(e) Approval of Construction/Reconstruction Yes None.
§ 63.5(f) Approval of Construction/Reconstruction Based on State Review Yes None.
§ 63.6(a) Compliance with Standards and Maintenance Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.6(b)(1) through (5) New and Reconstructed Sources Dates Yes See also § 63.602.
§ 63.6(b)(6) No [Reserved].
§ 63.6(b)(7) Area to major source change Yes None.
§ 63.6(c)(1)and (2) Existing Sources Dates Yes § 63.602 specifies dates.
§ 63.6(c)(3) and (4) No [Reserved].
§ 63.6(c)(5) Area to major source change Yes None.
§ 63.6(d) No [Reserved].
§ 63.6(e)(1)(i) and (ii) Operation & Maintenance Requirements No See § 63.608(b) for general duty requirement.
§ 63.6(e)(iii) Yes None.
§ 63.6(e)(2) No [Reserved].
§ 63.6(e)(3) Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction Plan No None.
§ 63.6(f) Compliance with Emission Standards No See general duty at § 63.608(b).
§ 63.6(g) Alternative Standard Yes None.
§ 63.6(h) Compliance with Opacity/VE Standards No Subpart AA does not include VE/opacity standards.
§ 63.6(i)(1) through (14) Extension of Compliance Yes None.
§ 63.6(i)(15) No [Reserved].
§ 63.6(i)(16) Yes None.
§ 63.6(j) Exemption from Compliance Yes None.
§ 63.7(a) Performance Test Requirements Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.7(b) Notification Yes None.
§ 63.7(c) Quality Assurance/Test Plan Yes None.
§ 63.7(d) Testing Facilities Yes None.
§ 63.7(e)(1) Conduct of Tests; startup, shutdown, and malfunction provisions No § 63.606 specifies additional requirements.
§ 63.7(e)(2) through (4) Conduct of Tests Yes § 63.606 specifies additional requirements.
§ 63.7(f) Alternative Test Method Yes None.
§ 63.7(g) Data Analysis Yes None.
§ 63.7(h) Waiver of Tests Yes None.
§ 63.8(a) Monitoring Requirements Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.8(b) Conduct of Monitoring Yes None.
§ 63.8(c)(1)(i) General duty to minimize emissions and CMS operation No See 63.608(b) for general duty requirement.
§ 63.8(c)(1)(ii) Yes None.
§ 63.8(c)(1)(iii) Requirement to develop SSM Plan for CMS No None.
§ 63.8(c)(2) through (4) CMS Operation/Maintenance Yes None.
§ 63.8(c)(5) COMS Operation No Subpart AA does not require COMS.
§ 63.8(c)(6) through (8) CMS requirements Yes None.
§ 63.8(d)(1) and (2) Quality Control Yes None.
§ 63.8(d)(3) Written procedure for CMS No See § 63.608 for requirement.
§ 63.8(e) CMS Performance Evaluation Yes None.
§ 63.8(f)(1) through (5) Alternative Monitoring Method Yes None.
§ 63.8(f)(6) Alternative to RATA Test Yes None.
§ 63.8(g)(1) Data Reduction Yes None.
§ 63.8(g)(2) Yes None.
§ 63.8(g)(3) through (5) Yes None.
§ 63.9(a) Notification Requirements Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.9(b) Initial Notifications Yes None.
§ 63.9(c) Request for Compliance Extension Yes None.
§ 63.9(d) New Source Notification for Special Compliance Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.9(e) Notification of Performance Test Yes None.
§ 63.9(f) Notification of VE/Opacity Test No Subpart AA does not include VE/opacity standards.
§ 63.9(g) Additional CMS Notifications Yes Subpart AA does not require CMS performance evaluation, COMS, or CEMS.
§ 63.9(h)(1) through (3) Notification of Compliance Status Yes None.
§ 63.9(h)(4) No [Reserved].
§ 63.9(h)(5) and (6) Yes None.
§ 63.9(i) Adjustment of Deadlines Yes None.
§ 63.9(j) Change in Previous Information Yes None.
§ 63.9(k) Yes Only as specified in § 63.9(j).
§ 63.10(a) Recordkeeping/Reporting-Applicability Yes None.
§ 63.10(b)(1) General Recordkeeping Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.10(b)(2)(i) Startup or shutdown duration No None.
§ 63.10(b)(2)(ii) Malfunction No See § 63.607 for recordkeeping and reporting requirement.
§ 63.10(b)(2)(iii) Maintenance records Yes None.
§ 63.10(b)(2)(iv) and (v) Startup, shutdown, malfunction actions No None.
§ 63.10(b)(2)(vi) through (xiv) General Recordkeeping Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.10(b)(3) General Recordkeeping Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(1) Additional CMS Recordkeeping Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(2) through (4) No [Reserved].
§ 63.10(c)(5) Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(6) Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(7) and (8) Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(9) No [Reserved].
§ 63.10(c)(10) through (13) Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(14) Yes None.
§ 63.10(c)(15) Startup Shutdown Malfunction Plan Provisions No None.
§ 63.10(d)(1) General Reporting Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.10(d)(2) Performance Test Results Yes None.
§ 63.10(d)(3) Opacity or VE Observations No Subpart AA does not include VE/opacity standards.
§ 63.10(d)(4) Progress Reports Yes None.
§ 63.10(d)(5) Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction Reports No See § 63.607 for reporting of excess emissions.
§ 63.10(e)(1) and (2) Additional CMS Reports Yes None.
§ 63.10(e)(3) Excess Emissions/CMS Performance Reports Yes None.
§ 63.10(e)(4) COMS Data Reports No Subpart AA does not require COMS.
§ 63.10(f) Recordkeeping/Reporting Waiver Yes None.
§ 63.11 Control Device and Work Practice Requirements Yes None.
§ 63.12 State Authority and Delegations Yes None.
§ 63.13 Addresses Yes None.
§ 63.14 Incorporation by Reference Yes None.
§ 63.15 Information Availability/Confidentiality Yes None.
§ 63.16 Performance Track Provisions No Terminated.
[80 FR 50436, Aug. 19, 2015, as amended at 85 FR 73892, Nov. 19, 2020]