41 CFR 101-26.602-1 - Procurement of lubricating oils, greases, and gear lubricants.

§ 101-26.602-1 Procurement of lubricating oils, greases, and gear lubricants.

(a) The Defense Fuel Supply Center will make annual procurements of lubricating oils, greases, and gear lubricants for ground type (nonaircraft) equipment and of aircraft engine oils on an annual program basis. Estimates of requirements for items covered by these programs will be solicited annually from agencies on record with the Defense Fuel Supply Center in time for the requirements to arrive at the Center on the following schedule:

Purchase program Due on or before
Lubricating oils (nonaircraft) 4.1 November 15.
Aircraft engine oils 4.2 June 15.
Grease and gear oils 4.4 October 15.

(b) Activities not on record but requiring procurement support shall submit requests to: Commander, Defense Fuel Supply Center, Attn: DFSC:PG, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA 22314, on or before the requirement due dates specified in § 101-26.602-1(a). Submission of requirements is not required if:

(1) The maximum single order is less than the minimum quantity obtainable under the bulletin;

(2) Container sizes are smaller than those available under the bulletin; or

(3) Purchase without regard to existing Defense Fuel Supply Center contracts is otherwise authorized.

(c) Agency requirements will be consolidated and solicited for procurement by the Defense Fuel Supply Center. Contractual action to obtain coverage for these programs will be summarized in a contract bulletin for program 4.1 and 4.4. Copies of the bulletins (copies of contracts for program 4.2) will be distributed to addresses provided by the agencies on record.

(d) Deliveries of lubricants covered by Defense Fuel Supply Center contracts shall be obtained by activities in the United States by following the instructions contained in the respective contracts or contract bulletins.

[ 34 FR 19977, Dec. 20, 1969, as amended at 39 FR 33315, Sept. 17, 1974]