41 CFR § 105-60.200 - Making a request.

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§ 105-60.200 Making a request.

(a) To make a request for GSA records, a requester shall file their request to the GSA FOIA Requester Service Center via one of the following, via the FOIAonline website: (https://foiaonline.gov/foiaonline/action/public/home). From FOIAonline you can submit FOIA requests to GSA and other participating FOIAonline agencies, track the status of requests, search for requests submitted by others, access previously released records, and generate agency-specific FOIA processing reports.

(b) If it is not reasonably possible for a requester to submit an electronic request via FOIAonline, the requester shall submit their request via U.S. Mail to the following address: GSA FOIA Requester Service Center (H3), Room 7308, 1800 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20405. Fax: 202–501–2727. Alternatively, a FOIA requester may email its FOIA request to gsa.foia@gsa.gov (Subject: FOIA Request via Email).

(c) FOIA request description requirements:

(1) The requester shall provide the following items of contact information when submitting a request to GSA:

(i) Full name with honorific (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.);

(ii) Complete mailing address; and

(iii) Telephone number.

(2) This requirement is applicable to both FOIA requests submitted electronically and via U.S. mail, respectively.

(3) Although it is not a mandatory requirement, GSA also recommends the requester provide a personal/business email address for remittance as well.

(d) A requester who is making a request for records about himself or herself shall comply with the verification of identity requirements as specified in paragraph (e) of this section.

(e) Where a request for records pertains to another individual, a requester may receive access to the requested records by submitting: Either a notarized authorization signed by the individual permitting that he or she explicitly grants access to the requested records pursuant to the requirements set forth in 28 U.S.C. 1746 or by submitting proof that the individual is deceased (e.g., a copy of a death certificate or an obituary). As an exercise of administrative discretion, GSA can require a requester to supply additional information such as a Certification of Identity Form in order to sufficiently verify the individual submitting the request and/or also verify that a particular individual has consented to disclosure.