41 CFR Appendix to Part 60-20 - Best Practices

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Appendix to Part 60-20 - Best Practices

Best practices. Although not required by this part, following are best practices for contractors:

(1) Avoiding the use of gender-specific job titles such as “foreman” or “lineman” where gender-neutral alternatives are available;

(2) Designating single-user restrooms, changing rooms, showers, or similar single-user facilities as sex-neutral;

(3) Providing, as part of their broader accommodations policies, light duty, modified job duties or assignments, or other reasonable accommodations to employees who are unable to perform some of their job duties because of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions;

(4) Providing appropriate time off and flexible workplace policies for men and women;

(5) Encouraging men and women equally to engage in caregiving-related activities;

(6) Fostering a climate in which women are not assumed to be more likely to provide family care than men; and

(7) Fostering an environment in which all employees feel safe, welcome, and treated fairly, by developing and implementing procedures to ensure that employees are not harassed because of sex. Examples of such procedures include:

(a) Communicating to all personnel that harassing conduct will not be tolerated;

(b) Providing anti-harassment training to all personnel; and

(c) Establishing and implementing procedures for handling and resolving complaints about harassment and intimidation based on sex.