41 CFR Subpart B - Subpart B—Agency's Use of a Relocation Services Company

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  1. § 302-12.100 What are “relocation services”?
  2. § 302-12.101 May we enter into a contract with a relocation services company for the company to provide relocation services?
  3. § 302-12.102 What contracted relocation services may we provide at Government expense?
  4. § 302-12.103 May we separately contract for each type of relocation service?
  5. § 302-12.104 What is the purpose of contracting for relocation services?
  6. § 302-12.105 Must we have a contract with a RSC that includes a comprehensive homesale program?
  7. § 302-12.106 What rules must we follow when contracting for a comprehensive homesale program?
  8. §§ 302-12.107--302-12.108 [Reserved]
  9. § 302-12.109 May we require employees to participate in counseling before listing their homes?
  10. § 302-12.110 [Reserved]
  11. § 302-12.111 May we require an employee to use a real estate broker specified by the RSC?
  12. § 302-12.112 May we require an employee to use a mortgage service provider specified by the RSC?
  13. § 302-12.113 What must we do when planning, establishing, and administering a RSC contract?
  14. § 302-12.114 What policies must we establish when offering our employees the services of a RSC?
  15. § 302-12.115 What are the income tax consequences that we must consider when offering relocation services?
  16. § 302-12.116 What must we consider in deciding whether to use the fixed-fee or cost-reimbursable contracting method?
  17. § 302-12.117 May we take title to an employee's residence?
  18. § 302-12.118 Under a homesale program, may we establish a maximum home value above which we will not pay for homesale services?
  19. § 302-12.119 Under a homesale program, may we pay an employee for losses he/she incurs on the sale of a residence?
  20. § 302-12.120 Under a homesale program, may we direct the relocation services company to pay an employee more than the fair market value of his/her residence?
  21. § 302-12.121 May we use a relocation services contract for services which we are contractually bound to obtain under another travel services contract?
Note to subpart B:

Use of pronouns “we”, “you”, and their variants throughout this subpart refers to the agency.