42 CFR § 1001.3002 - Basis for reinstatement.

§ 1001.3002 Basis for reinstatement.

(a) The OIG will authorize reinstatement if it determines that—

(1) The period of exclusion has expired;

(2) There are reasonable assurances that the types of actions that formed the basis for the original exclusion have not recurred and will not recur; and

(3) There is no additional basis under sections 1128(a) or (b) or 1128A of the Act for continuation of the exclusion.

(b) In making the reinstatement determination described in paragraph (a) of this section, the OIG will consider—

(1) Conduct of the individual or entity occurring prior to the date of the notice of exclusion, if not known to the OIG at the time of the exclusion;

(2) Conduct of the individual or entity after the date of the notice of exclusion;

(3) Whether all fines and all debts due and owing (including overpayments) to any Federal, State, or local government that relate to Medicare, Medicaid, and all other Federal health care programs have been paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made to fulfill obligations;

(4) Whether CMS has determined that the individual or entity complies with, or has made satisfactory arrangements to fulfill, all the applicable conditions of participation or supplier conditions for coverage under the statutes and regulations;

(5) Whether the individual or entity has, during the period of exclusion, submitted claims, or caused claims to be submitted or payment to be made by any Federal health care program, for items or services the excluded party furnished, ordered, or prescribed, including health care administrative services. This section applies regardless of whether an individual or entity has obtained a program provider number or equivalent, either as an individual or as a member of a group, prior to being reinstated; and

(c) If the OIG determines that the criteria in paragraphs (a)(2) and (3) of this section have been met, an entity excluded in accordance with § 1001.1001 will be reinstated upon a determination by the OIG that the individual whose conviction, exclusion, or civil money penalty was the basis for the entity's exclusion—

(1) Has properly reduced his or her ownership or control interest in the entity below 5 percent;

(2) Is no longer an officer, director, agent or managing employee of the entity; or

(3) Has been reinstated in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section or § 1001.3005.

(d) Reinstatement will not be effective until the OIG grants the request and provides notice under § 1001.3003(a) of this part. Reinstatement will be effective as provided in the notice.

(e) A determination with respect to reinstatement is not appealable or reviewable except as provided in § 1001.3004.

(f) An ALJ may not require reinstatement of an individual or entity in accordance with this chapter.

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