42 CFR § 1008.39 - Additional information.

§ 1008.39 Additional information.

(a) If the request for an advisory opinion does not contain all of the information required by § 1008.36 of this part, or the OIG believes it needs more information prior to rendering an advisory opinion, the OIG may, at any time, request whatever additional information or documents it deems necessary. The time period for the issuance of an advisory opinion will be tolled from the time the OIG requests the additional information from the requestor until such time as the OIG determines that it has received the requested information.

(b) The OIG may request additional information before or after the request for an advisory opinion has been accepted.

(c) Additional information should be provided in writing and certified to be a true, correct and complete disclosure of the requested information in a manner equivalent to that described in § 1008.38 of this part.

(d) In connection with any request for an advisory opinion, the OIG or DoJ may conduct whatever independent investigation they believe appropriate.

(e) Requesting parties are required to notify the OIG if they request an advisory opinion in accordance with part 411 of this title from CMS about the arrangement that is the subject of their advisory opinion request.

(f) Where appropriate, after receipt of an advisory opinion request, the OIG may consult with the requesting parties to the extent the OIG deems necessary.

[62 FR 7357, Feb. 19, 1997, as amended at 63 FR 38325, July 16, 1998]