42 CFR § 110.10 - Eligible requesters.

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§ 110.10 Eligible requesters.

(a) The following requesters may, as determined by the Secretary, be eligible to receive benefits from this Program:

(1) Injured countermeasure recipients, as described in § 110.3(n);

(2) Survivors, as described in § 110.3(cc) and § 110.11; or

(3) Estates of deceased injured countermeasure recipients through individuals authorized to act on behalf of the deceased injured countermeasure recipient's estate under applicable State law (i.e., executors or administrators).

(b) If a countermeasure recipient dies, his or her survivor(s) and/or the executor or administrator of his or her estate may file a new Request Package (or Request Package(s)) or amend a previously filed Request Package. A new Request Package may be filed whether or not a Request Package was previously submitted by, or on behalf of, the deceased injured countermeasure recipient, but must be filed within the filing deadlines described in § 110.42. Amendments to previously filed Request Packages and the filing deadlines for such amendments are described in § 110.46.

(c) The benefits available to different categories of requesters are described in § 110.30.