42 CFR § 110.2 - Summary of available benefits.

§ 110.2 Summary of available benefits.

(a) The Act authorizes three forms of benefits to, or on behalf of, requesters determined to be eligible by the Secretary:

(1) Payment or reimbursement for reasonable and necessary medical services and items to diagnose or treat a covered injury, or to diagnose, treat, or prevent its health complications, as described in § 110.31.

(2) Lost employment income incurred as a result of a covered injury, as described in § 110.32.

(3) Death benefits to certain survivors if the Secretary determines that the death of the injured countermeasure recipient was the direct result of a covered injury, as described in § 110.33.

(b) In general, the benefits paid under the Program, are secondary to any obligation of any third-party payer to provide or pay for such benefits. The benefits available under the CICP usually will be paid only after the requester has in good faith attempted to obtain all other available coverage from all third-party payers with an obligation to pay for or provide such benefits (e.g., medical insurance for medical services or items, workers' compensation program(s) for lost employment income). However, as provided in § 110.84, the Secretary has the discretion to pay benefits under this Program before a potential third-party payer makes a determination on the availability of similar benefits and has the right to later pursue a claim against any third-party payer with a legal or contractual obligation to pay for, or provide, such benefits.

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