42 CFR § 110.80 - Calculation of medical benefits.

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§ 110.80 Calculation of medical benefits.

In calculating medical benefits, the Secretary will take into consideration all reasonable costs for reasonable and necessary medical items and services to diagnose or treat a countermeasure recipient's covered injury, or to diagnose, treat, or prevent its health complications, as described in § 110.31. The Secretary will consider and may rely upon benefits documentation submitted by the requester (e.g., bills, Explanation of Benefits, and cost-related documentation to support the expenses relating to the covered injury or its health complications), as required by § 110.60. The Secretary will make such payments only to the extent that such costs were not, and will not be, paid by any third-party payer and only if no third-party payer had or has an obligation to pay for or provide such services or items to the requester, except as provided in §§ 110.83(c) and 110.84. There are no caps on the benefits for reasonable and necessary medical expenses that may be provided under the Program.