42 CFR § 414.314 - Monthly capitation payment method.

§ 414.314 Monthly capitation payment method.

(a) Basic rules.

(1) Under the monthly capitation payment (MCP) method, the carrier pays an MCP amount for each patient, to cover all professional services furnished by the physician, except those listed in paragraph (b) of this section.

(2) The carrier pays the MCP amount, subject to the deductible and coinsurance provisions, either to the physician if the physician accepts assignment or to the beneficiary if the physician does not accept assignment.

(3) The MCP method recognizes the need of maintenance dialysis patients for physician services furnished periodically over relatively long periods of time, and the capitation amounts are consistent with physicians' charging patterns in their localities.

(4) Payment of the capitation amount for any particular month is contingent upon the physician furnishing to the patient all physician services required by the patient during the month, except those listed in paragraph (b) of this section.

(5) Payment for physician administrative services (§ 414.310) is made to the dialysis facility as part of the facility's composite rate (part 413, subpart H of this subchapter) and not to the physician under the MCP.

(b) Services not included in the MCP.

(1) Services that are not included in the MCP and which may be paid in accordance with the reasonable charge rules set forth in subpart E of part 405 of this chapter are limited to the following:

(i) Administration of hepatitis B vaccine.

(ii) Covered physician services furnished by another physician when the patient is not available to receive, or the attending physician is not available to furnish, the outpatient services as usual (see paragraph (b)(3) of this section).

(iii) Covered physician services furnished to hospital inpatients, including services related to inpatient dialysis, by a physician who elects not to continue to receive the MCP during the period of inpatient stay.

(iv) Surgical services, including declotting of shunts, other than the insertion of catheters for patients on maintenance peritoneal dialysis who do not have indwelling catheters.

(v) Needed physician services that are—

(A) Furnished by the physician furnishing renal care or by another physician;

(B) Not related to the treatment of the patient's renal condition; and

(C) Not furnished during a dialysis session or an office visit required because of the patient's renal condition.

(2) For the services described in paragraph (b)(1)(v) of this section, the following rules apply:

(i) The physician must provide documentation to show that the services are not related to the treatment of the patient's renal condition and that additional visits are required.

(ii) The carrier's medical staff, acting on the basis of the documentation and appropriate medical consultation obtained by the carrier, determines whether additional payment for the additional services is warranted.

(3) The MCP is reduced in proportion to the number of days the patient is—

(i) Hospitalized and the physician elects to bill separately for services furnished during hospitalization; or

(ii) Not attended by the physician or his or her substitute for any reason, including when the physician is not available to furnish patient care or when the patient is not available to receive care.

(c) Determination of payment amount. The amount of payment for the MCP is determined under the Medicare physician fee schedule described in this part 414.

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