42 CFR § 416.120 - Basis for payment.

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§ 416.120 Basis for payment.

The basis for payment depends on where the services are furnished.

(a) Hospital outpatient department. Payment is in accordance with part 419 of this chapter.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) ASC—(1) General rule. Payment is based on a prospectively determined rate. This rate covers the cost of services such as supplies, nursing services, equipment, etc., as specified in § 416.61. The rate does not cover physician services or other medical services covered under part 410 of this chapter (for example, X-ray services or laboratory services) which are not directly related to the performance of the surgical procedures. Those services may be billed separately and paid on a reasonable charge basis.

(2) Single and multiple surgical procedures.

(i) If one covered surgical procedure is furnished to a beneficiary in an operative session, payment is based on the prospectively determined rate for that procedure.

(ii) If more than one surgical procedure is furnished in a single operative session, payment is based on—

(A) The full rate for the procedure with the highest prospectively determined rate; and

(B) One half of the prospectively determined rate for each of the other procedures.

(3) Deductibles and coinsurance. Part B deductible and coinsurance amounts apply as specified in § 410.152 (a) and (i) of this chapter.

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