42 CFR § 416.325 - Measure maintenance under the ASCQR Program.

§ 416.325 Measure maintenance under the ASCQR Program.

(a) Measure maintenance under the ASCQR Program. CMS follows different procedures to update the measure specifications under the ASCQR Program based on whether the change is substantive or nonsubstantive. CMS will determine what constitutes a substantive versus a nonsubstantive change to a measure's specifications on a case-by-case basis.

(b) Substantive changes. CMS will continue to use rulemaking to adopt substantive updates to measures in the ASCQR Program.

(c) Non-substantive changes. If CMS determines that a change to a measure previously adopted in the ASCQR Program is non-substantive, CMS will use a sub-regulatory process to revise the ASCQR Program Specifications Manual so that it clearly identifies the changes to that measure and provide links to where additional information on the changes can be found. When a measure undergoes sub-regulatory maintenance, CMS will provide notification of the measure specification update on the CMS website and in the ASCQR Program Specifications Manual, and will provide sufficient lead time for ASCs to implement the revisions where changes to the data collection systems would be necessary.

[80 FR 70604, Nov. 13, 2015, as amended at 88 FR 82180, Nov. 22, 2023]