42 CFR § 420.301 - Definitions.

§ 420.301 Definitions.

For purposes of this subpart -

Books, documents, and records means all writings, recordings, transcriptions and tapes of any description necessary to verify the nature and extent of the costs of the services provided by the subcontractor.

Common ownership means that an individual or individuals possess significant ownership or equity in the subcontractor and the entity providing the services under the contract.

Contract for services means a contract through which a provider obtains the performance of an act or acts, as distinguished from supplies or equipment. It includes any contract for both goods and services to the extent the value or cost of the service component is $10,000 or more within a 12-month period.

Control means that an individual or an organization has the power, directly or indirectly, significantly to influence or direct the actions of policies of an organization.

Provider means a hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health agency, hospice or comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility, or a related organization (as defined in § 413.17 of this chapter) of any of these providers.

Related to the subcontractor means that the subcontractor is, to a significant extent, associated or affiliated with, owns, or is owned by, or has control of or is controlled by, the organization furnishing the services, facilities, or supplies.

Subcontractor means any entity, including an individual or individuals, that contracts with a provider to supply a service, either to the provider or directly to a beneficiary, for which Medicare reimburses the provider the cost of the service. This includes organizations related to the subcontractor that have a contract with the subcontractor for which the cost or value is $10,000 or more in a 12-month period.

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