42 CFR § 422.372 - Basis for waiver of State licensure.

§ 422.372 Basis for waiver of State licensure.

(a) General rule. Subject to this section and to paragraphs (a) and (e) of § 422.374, CMS may waive the State licensure requirement if the organization has applied (except as provided in paragraph (b)(4) of this section) for the most closely appropriate State license or authority to conduct business as an MA plan.

(b) Basis for waiver of State licensure. Any of the following may constitute a basis for CMS's waiver of State licensure.

(1) Failure to act timely on application. The State failed to complete action on the licensing application within 90 days of the date the State received a substantially complete application.

(2) Denial of application based on discriminatory treatment. The State has—

(i) Denied the license application on the basis of material requirements, procedures, or standards (other than solvency requirements) not generally applied by the State to other entities engaged in a substantially similar business; or

(ii) Required, as a condition of licensure that the organization offer any product or plan other than an MA plan.

(3) Denial of application based on different solvency requirements.

(i) The State has denied the application, in whole or in part, on the basis of the organization's failure to meet solvency requirements that are different from those set forth in §§ 422.380 through 422.390; or

(ii) CMS determines that the State has imposed, as a condition of licensure, any documentation or information requirements relating to solvency or other material requirements, procedures, or standards relating to solvency that are different from the requirements, procedures, or standards set forth by CMS to implement, monitor, and enforce §§ 422.380 through 422.390.

(4) State declines to accept licensure application. The appropriate State licensing authority has given the organization written notice that it will not accept its licensure application.

[63 FR 35098, June 26, 1998]