42 CFR § 422.374 - Waiver request and approval process.

§ 422.374 Waiver request and approval process.

(a) Substantially complete waiver request. The organization must submit a substantially complete waiver request that clearly demonstrates and documents its eligibility for a waiver under § 422.372.

(b) CMS gives the organization written notice of granting or denial of waiver within 60 days of receipt of a substantially complete waiver request.

(c) Subsequent waiver requests. An organization that has had a waiver request denied, may submit subsequent waiver requests until November 1, 2002.

(d) Effective date. A waiver granted under § 422.370 will be effective on the effective date of the organization's MA contract.

(e) Consistency in application. CMS reserves the right to revoke waiver eligibility if it subsequently determines that the organization's MA application is significantly different from the application submitted by the organization to the State licensing authority.

[63 FR 25377, May 7, 1998, as amended at 63 FR 35098, June 26, 1998]