42 CFR § 423.293 - Collection of monthly beneficiary premium.

§ 423.293 Collection of monthly beneficiary premium.
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(a) General rules. Part D sponsors must—

(1) Charge enrollees a consolidated monthly Part D premium equal to the sum of the Part D monthly premium for basic prescription drug coverage (if any) and the premium for supplemental coverage (if any and if the beneficiary has enrolled in such supplemental coverage).

(2) Permit payment of monthly Part D premiums (if any) under the timing of payments established in § 422.262(e) of this chapter; and

(3) Permit each enrollee, at the enrollee's option, to make payment of premiums (if any) under this part to the sponsor using any of the methods listed in § 422.262(f) of this chapter.

(4) Retroactive collection of premiums. In circumstances where retroactive collection of premium amounts is necessary and the enrollee is without fault in creating the premium arrearage, the Medicare Advantage organization shall offer the enrollee the option of payment by lump sum, by equal monthly installment spread out over at least the same period for which the premiums were due, or through other arrangements mutually acceptable to the enrollee and the Medicare Advantage organization. For monthly installments, for example, if 7 months of premiums are due, the member would have at least 7 months to repay.

(b) Crediting of late enrollment penalty. CMS estimates and specifies the portion of the late enrollment penalty imposed under § 423.286(d)(3) attributable to increased actuarial costs assumed by the Part D sponsor and not taken into account through risk adjustment provided under § 423.329(b)(1) or through reinsurance payments under § 423.329(c)) as a result of the late enrollment.

(c) Collection of late enrollment penalty—(1) Collection through withholding. In the case of a late enrollment penalty that is collected by the government from a Part D eligible individual in the manner described in § 422.262(f)(1) of this chapter, CMS pays only the portion of the late enrollment penalty described in paragraph (b) of this section to the Part D sponsor offering the Part D plan in which the individual is enrolled.

(2) Collection by plan. In the case of a late enrollment penalty collected from a Part D eligible individual in a manner other than the manner described in § 422.262(f)(1) of this chapter, CMS reduces payments otherwise made to the Part D plan by an amount equal to the portion of the late enrollment penalty.

(d) Collection of the income-related monthly adjustment amount (Part D—IRMAA).

(1) Collection through withholding. Where the Social Security Administration has determined the income-related monthly adjustment amount for an individual whose income exceeds the income threshold amounts specified at 20 CFR 418.2115, the Part D—IRMAA must be paid through withholding from the enrollee's Social Security benefit payments, or benefit payments by the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) or the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in the manner that the Part B premium is withheld.

(2) Collection through direct billing. In cases where an enrollee's benefit payment check is not sufficient to have the Part D—IRMAA withheld, or if an enrollee is not receiving such benefits, the beneficiary must be billed directly for the Part D—IRMAA. The beneficiary will have the option of paying the amount through an electronic funds transfer mechanism (such as automatic charges of an account at a financial institution or a credit or debit card account) or according to other means that CMS may specify.

(3) Failure to pay the income-related monthly adjustment amount: General rule. CMS will terminate Part D coverage for any individual who fails to pay the Part D—IRMAA as determined by the Social Security Administration. CMS will terminate an enrollee's Part D coverage as specified in § 423.44(e).

(e) Special rule for fallback plans. This section does not apply to fallback prescription drug plans. The fallback plans follow the requirements set forth in § 423.867(b).

(f) Prohibition on improper billing of premiums. Part D plan sponsors shall not bill an enrollee for a premium payment period if the enrollee has had the premium for that period withheld from his or her Social Security, Railroad Retirement Board or Office of Personnel Management check.

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