42 CFR § 431.12 - Medical care advisory committee.

§ 431.12 Medical care advisory committee.

(a) Basis and purpose. This section, based on section 1902(a)(4) of the Act, prescribes State plan requirements for establishment of a committee to advise the Medicaid agency about health and medical care services.

(b) State plan requirement. A State plan must provide for a medical care advisory committee meeting the requirements of this section to advise the Medicaid agency director about health and medical care services.

(c) Appointment of members. The agency director, or a higher State authority, must appoint members to the advisory committee on a rotating and continuous basis.

(d) Committee membership. The committee must include—

(1) Board-certified physicians and other representatives of the health professions who are familiar with the medical needs of low-income population groups and with the resources available and required for their care;

(2) Members of consumers' groups, including Medicaid beneficiaries, and consumer organizations such as labor unions, cooperatives, consumer-sponsored prepaid group practice plans, and others; and

(3) The director of the public welfare department or the public health department, whichever does not head the Medicaid agency.

(e) Committee participation. The committee must have opportunity for participation in policy development and program administration, including furthering the participation of beneficiary members in the agency program.

(f) Committee staff assistance and financial help. The agency must provide the committee with—

(1) Staff assistance from the agency and independent technical assistance as needed to enable it to make effective recommendations; and

(2) Financial arrangements, if necessary, to make possible the participation of beneficiary members.

(g) Federal financial participation. FFP is available at 50 percent in expenditures for the committee's activities.