42 CFR § 431.250 - Federal financial participation.

FFP is available in expenditures for—

(a) Payments for services continued pending a hearing decision;

(b) Payments made—

(1) To carry out hearing decisions; and

(2) For services provided within the scope of the Federal Medicaid program and made under a court order.

(c) Payments made to take corrective action prior to a hearing;

(d) Payments made to extend the benefit of a hearing decision or court order to individuals in the same situation as those directly affected by the decision or order;

(e) Retroactive payments under paragraphs (b), (c), and (d) of this section in accordance with applicable Federal policies on corrective payments; and

(f) Administrative costs incurred by the agency for—

(1) Transportation for the applicant or beneficiary, his representative, and witnesses to and from the hearing;

(2) Meeting other expenses of the applicant or beneficiary in connection with the hearing;

(3) Carrying out the hearing procedures, including expenses of obtaining the additional medical assessment specified in § 431.240 of this subpart; and

(4) Hearing procedures for Medicaid and non-Medicaid individuals appealing transfers, discharges and determinations of preadmission screening and annual resident reviews under part 483, subparts C and E of this chapter.

[44 FR 17932, Mar. 29, 1979, as amended at 45 FR 24882, Apr. 11, 1980; 57 FR 56506, Nov. 30, 1992]